My most recent and (sort of)on-going project has been re-designing the website for Village Pizza & Grill, a restaurant in Davis, CA. I was really excited to get this project, because the old website is very outdated. It was designed in 2010 or 11 when the restaurant was opened, and its changes have been minimal.

The menu page has a downloadable menu – which seems to actually be quite common in restaurant websites though not ideal – but the icon for downloading isn’t super recognizable to a lot of customers. Other problems are spelling errors and some broken links. I also wanted to visually organize the reservation information more effectively and in a more pleasing way.

I am using the CMS that the owner used to design the original website(Homestead), and was happy to find it easier than expected to create a modern look despite not having heard of this service. It doesn’t have the features such as symmetry lines and other placement guides that Squarespace or Wix have, or as much freedom, but I’m quite happy with the result.

It’s almost ready to take the place of the old site, I’m just waiting on photos of the food and currently hand tracing the logo(which is normally many colors and quite detailed) in order to have a clean, high quality one color version of it in white to stand out against the burgundy background.

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