Website Redesign: Purple Tree Cafe

This is a website that I designed for Purple Tree Cafe while at Flagship Design Studio. The Purple Tree Cafe is a nonprofit org in Davis, CA that sells coffee and treats and is staffed by people with disabilities, giving them an environment in which they are embraced and valued for how they can contribute. The employees are able to be involved in every aspect – from selling the goods to customers to making baking the cookies and other sweet treats. I wanted the website to feel welcoming, professional, and unique in some way to reflect the nature of Purple Tree, and of course to meet the functional needs of Purple Tree. Below are screenshots of their old website.


At Flagship Design Studio we had many WordPress themes at our disposal there, and I find WordPress easy to edit, making it ideal for a small organization to use for future edits to their website. Purple Tree wants to encourage the community to attend any events they operate at in order to fundraise for a brick and mortar location, so I prioritized ones with sidebar aesthetics that could compliment the rest of Purple Tree’s needs, as I planned to place their upcoming events in the sidebar in order for them to be eternally visible. I decided to add the graphic element of the leaves on the banner image to echo their logo’s aesthetic, and add interest and something to differentiate it from every other organization’s website.

They came to us in need of a re-designed website as well as a video showcasing what they’re about to show prospective donors. My main focus and effort was designing the website, however I did come up with the concept and order for the video and help with the production, as well. Watch it to hear more about Purple Tree from the people who know it best!

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