Type Specimen Series

This is a series of type studies I designed to showcase 3 typefaces that I admire from different eras while relating them to one another in some aspect. Each poster reflects the styles of that era but also an element that establishes a theme carrying through the posters collectively. I conducted research into each typeface and era, then chose art pieces that were somehow representative of them.

For Bodoni I chose an iconic painting by Jacques-Louis David, which has sharp detail and high contrast, similar to Bodoni’s sharp serifs and contrasting thick and thin lines. For Futura I chose a painting with clean lines and simple shapes by Lazlo Moholy Nagy, who was part of the Bauhaus movement that inspired Paul Renner when designing Futura. Morire was designed by Harriet Goren during Graphic Design and type’s grunge period, so I used a piece of art by none other than graphic artist grunge pioneer David Carson, called Inspiration. I chose this piece because it reflected the chaotic nature of the typeface, which is meant to break old visual rules and not really concerned with legibility and order.